In the word of God, there is testimony of the presence of women among the followers of Jesus. Jesus treated women with dignity and respect. He elevated them in a society where women were being minimized and mistreated. Jesus did not perceive women primarily in terms of their sex, age, or marital status, he considered them in terms of their relationship with God.

Faith Center desires to build its women’s ministry for women of all ages, races, and walks of life to strengthen and empower them in who they are in Christ. As well, women being part of the ministry of Christ through their own spiritual gifts, talents, and service.




Join us for our women’s bible study every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am in the Selah Cafe inside Faith Center.  This session we will focus on Marilyn Hickey’s Book “Seeing Jesus”  We invite women of all ages to join us as we learn and grow together through God’s word.  Childcare is provided.




Throughout the year the Women’s Ministry offers events to help you fellowship with other women and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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