Prophetic Word December 30, 2018 9 AM

Prophetic Words released immediately following Apostle Lyon’s closing prayer following his sermon “Final Exhortation From An Apostle”  delivered at Faith Center Rockford. 12/30/2018


I’ve spoken to your heart and I’ve asked for more time, and i’ve asked you to give me more of your attention and I will give that attention to you if you will honor me with me more of your time, I will open doors and windows of opportunity that you never thought possible; trust me, believe me, and you will see new things happen says the Lord. 

For the anointing that I have for each of you is much greater than you’ve ever imagined and the promises that I’ve made to you are the beginning of that anointing coming to you. hear my voice obey my voice and begin to anticipate and expect the promise to be fulfilled and you will walk to a new level saith the Lord.

And I see that you’ve already begun to question how it would happen, how it would take place for you. I will take care of that saith the lord and I will walk with you in ways you have wanted but you’ve never experienced and I will give to you things in those periods of times that will not only encourage you but will open your eyes to new dimensions that you will walk in for a long time saith the Lord.,


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