New Building Development

Faith Center’s Future Building Projects

We have embarked upon an 82,000 square foot, multi-story expansion of our existing church facility. Presently, we have only 800 seats available in our Sanctuary. Once completed, our new Sanctuary will comfortably accommodate 1900 people. The facility will enable us to host conferences, guest speakers, performing drama events, and outreach Christian concerts. Faith Center’s mission is to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ within our region. We feel this facility will allow Faith Center to be better equipped to accomplish the mission the Lord has given us.

Senior Living Center

We envision developing a 60-unit facility. We would locate the facility on the western side of our land along Fuller Creek. We feel the trees and the creek would provide an ideal setting for a small recreation area, walking path, and nature observatory.

Immediate Care Facility/Triage Facility/Physician’s Office

We are exploring these options that may, in fact, become homogenized into one facility. There are two major health care providers who have a local presence and are interested in expanding. They are particularly interested in our location. We see this particular building being situated just east of the senior living center.


Complementing our healthcare projects would be a 10,000 to 13,000 square foot pharmacy. We are in dialogue with several companies and are evaluating our options at present. The pharmacy would be located at the “hard” intersection of South Main and Faith Avenue. We feel that the senior living center, the care facility, and the pharmacy create an exceptional synergy and would be excellent traffic generators for each other.

Retail Shopping Center

Utilizing such retail modeling programs as Retail Lease Trac, and Anysite Market Suite, we have discovered that our location ranks extraordinarily high for hundreds of retailers and food service establishments. Thus we have concluded that initially, we will develop a 10,000 – 12,000 square foot retail center.  Additionally, we are targeting some “big box”, and medium size users. We have planned a second phase of retail shops that would encompass another 300,000 square feet of space.

Restaurant Addition

Utilizing the same retail modeling programs, we also know that our location ranks extraordinarily high for hundreds of food service establishments. This, coupled with the need to provide some level of lunch and dinner food service to the guests of the hotel, has led us to explore several, and varied, food service options. As you may know, the Comfort Inn brand stipulates that we provide a significant Continental Breakfast, but no other food service would be offered within the hotel after breakfast.

Comfort Inn Hotel

We plan on developing an 80-room select service hotel. Another grossly underserved market is the lodging industry. While the Chicago/Rockford International Airport is increasing both business and leisure passenger loads, and expanding its base, there are no quality hotels or motels within a 10-mile radius of the Airport. These potential feeder markets, coupled with flight crew business, and our Route 20 “Bypass” location make for a very viable hotel opportunity.