UPDATE – MAY 30, 2020

 We have been diligent in keeping up on the ever changing restrictions placed on churches in Illinois.  The current status is that all restrictions have been lifted, thus, we cannot be criminally charged for having services, which is within our 1st Amendment right.   However, the “recommendations” by the health department remain the same, i.e. avoid in-person activity and continue to hold remote services, or allow congregants to meet outdoors.   We have been diligent in our efforts to protect our religious freedoms, while protecting our congregants from the risks presented by COVID 19.   Cognizant of these guidelines, we will continue to offer services in the church while practicing social distancing, as well as continue to stream our services on line.  For those of our congregants that are elderly or may have underlying health issues that make them more susceptible, we would encourage you to continue to watch our services on line.  


UPDATE – MAY 17, 2020

URGENT! Citizens of Illinois

We Need Your Help – Time Sensitive

Dear Brother & Sister in Christ,
Governor Pritzker has called an emergency legislative session for Wednesday, May 20 (this coming Wednesday). On his special agenda, ALL issues will directly affect you, and many are related in some way to the COVID-19 pandemic. One item sought is to grant a significant increase of gubernatorial power.
There is an effort to make fundamental changes to the Illinois Constitution to permanently grant the Governor of Illinois greater power and to be able make changes without deferring to the Legislature. 
There is more on his agenda about going beyond the already extended stay, but … WHAT CAN YOU DO?
BEFORE the end of Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Contact as many Legislators and Representatives by either Email or Phone. (There is not enough time to write a letter.)
Please reach outside of your personal delegates. Contact as many as you can.
This is URGENT.
What can you say or email to the Legislators & Representatives? State that you are a citizen of the State of Illinois and you expect them to represent you as a citizen. (Remember, they work for YOU!) Email or phone and say that you want them to:
  1. Vote NO against granting an overreach of the Governor’s power.
  2. Vote NO against making changes to the Illinois Constitution granting additional power to the Governor.
  4. Vote: “NO” to Mandatory Vaccination against COVID-19
  5. Vote: “NO” to Mandatory Testing of COVID-19
  6. Also, contact your Federal Representative. Say you want them to Vote “NO” to H.R.6666
Please do not delay. Contact your Legislators and Representatives by May 19, 2020. Thank you! This is URGENT! 

Click Here – Members of the IL Senate

Click Here – Members of the IL House

If you have any questions please contact the church office 815-964-8000 during normal business hours.

Updated May 17, 2020


UPDATE – MAY 12, 2020


Sunday, May 17, 2020

9AM | 11AM | 6PM


Welcome back Faith Center. To keep everyone safe, we are offering you a choice of services.

We will have the sanctuary open adhering to the CDC’s recommended guidelines. We will also have our live stream like we always do as well as drive-in church. Please make sure to bring your own PPE.

Faith Center wants everyone to be safe and be able to worship how you feel most comfortable.

If you have any questions please contact the church office 815-964-8000 during normal business hours.

Updated May 12, 2020


MAY 8, 2020 We at Faith Center will be following all regulations and guidelines according to the CDC until further notice. ~ Apostle Don Lyon

You can still join us for our regular services via live stream at regular service times Sunday 9am, 11am & 6pm and Wednesday nights 6:30pm or listen to our Sunday 9am service at 11am on WFEN.


Pastor Marla Eash

Faith Center Church

Executive Pastor



Sunday, May 10, 2020


We look forward to your presence to worship with us. Here are a few details that would help organize our morning. 

Per: The Mayor’s request stay in your vehicle. Please use the restroom before you come as entrance into the building will be unavailable, and please adhere to the guidelines of the CDC.

  • Enter In from the South Main entrance only. Pelley Road entrance will be closed, all cars will be redirected to South Main.
  • Upon your entrance an usher will direct you to a parking location.Handouts will be distributed by an usher once you are parked. We will also be providing packets for the kids. 
  • Entrance into the building will be unavailable.
  • Tune in to 88.3 WFEN for praise & worship starting at 8:30 am followed by live announcements and a message from Apostle Don Lyon starting at 9am.
  • Ushers will be coming by your car to receive the offering and/or updated information cards. You may also give online by clicking here: FC Giving
  • Immediately following the service ushers will direct you in exiting the parking lot.

We are very excited to see everyone!

Click Link Below for a pdf document with more information.

FC Outside Service Mother’s Day May 10, 2020  



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