Small Groups


  • Our desire for Small Groups is to provide an atmosphere that will nourish God’s love for us and be strengthened in the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Training our faith through the spiritual and practical application of God’s Word. And, reaching out to others in the group, joining and supporting them in their decision to commit their life to Christ and build His Kingdom!

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  • Relationships – Meaningful relationships develop as the group figures out how to support and take care of each other.
  • Growth – All individuals grow to become more of who God made them be as a result of understanding His Word and how we apply it practically in our lives and behavior.
  • Community Change – We impact our community when we are growing in our understanding of God’s Word and life principles, and it brings restoration and nurtures long-term relationships that develop others.
Open Groups

Mighty X Ministry Apostle Jonathan Byrd & Pastor Miriam Williams Location: Faith Center Activity Center 815-964-8000 Every Tuesday 6:00 – 8:00 PM Childcare is provided. Currently in progress.

Faith Center Healing School Pastor Pam Harding How to be healed, How to walk in health, How to minister healing. Saturday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Location: Faith Center 815-636-2295 Currently in progress.

Applying the Word to Our Everyday Lives Warren & Judy Freedlund 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm Location: Home 815-247-8633 Begins  February 7

Seeking Holiness Justin & Lisa Lopez Thursday at 6:30 pm Location: Faith Center 779-770-4864 Begins February 7

Dreams & Visions by John Paul Jackson Pastor Pam Harding 1st & 3rd Thursday 6:30- 8:30 pm Location: Home 815-636-2295 Begins February 7

Financial Freedom Pastors Vic & Elizabeth Barr Friday 6:30pm Begins March 1

School of the Prophetic: A Life by Design Pastor Michelle Daniels Every other Saturday 1:30 pm Location: Faith Center 
815-494-8202 Begins February 16


Maximized Manhood Pastor Jim Williams Thursday 6:00- 8:00 pm Location: Faith Center 815-519-6620 or Monday 10:30 am Location Faith Center. Both classes are currently in progress.

Torch Leadership Young Men Pastor Jason Johnson Discover and develop gifts and talents through exposure and teaching Ages 13-19 Wednesday 6:30- 8:30 pm Location: Faith Center 815-742-8872 Begins February 13


Seeing Jesus by Marilyn Hickey Tammi Edwards Tuesday 10:00 am- 12:00 pm Location: Selah Café 815-964-8000 Begins February 5


Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere Pastor Char Edwards Faith Center Thursday 6:30 pm 815-209-8651 Begins February 7



Intimacy through Prayer in Couples Pastors Felix & Fiona Okoroti Every other Friday 6:00- 8:00 pm Location: Home 815-222-3116 Begins March 1


Strong Families Elijah & Allison Braimah Every other Friday 7 pm Location: home 815-670-8476 Begins February 8


Aftershock Youth Ministry Al Gomez Junior High & High School Thursday at 6:30 pm Location: Faith Center Sanctuary 815-222-4258 In Progress


Refresh: Worship, Prayer, Rest Training ourselves to worship deeper Nathan & Amy Lewis 1st & 3rd Saturday 6:00- 7:00 pm Location: Faith Center Sanctuary 815-222-7368 Begins February 16

Additional Ministry Opportunities

Please join us throughout the week for these times of prayer, healing, prophecy, deliverance and Holy Spirit inspired words.   Sunday Night Pour Out Sunday at 6 pm

Midweek Service Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Prayer Sunday at 8:15 am Tuesday at 8 am Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Prophetic Team Ministry Every Sunday after the 9 am, 11 am and 6 pm services Please call the main office to schedule an appointment.